St. Matthew's United Methodist Church
Friday, April 23, 2021
Sunday Services: 9am Traditional | 11:15am Contemporary | 10am Sunday School
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Jesus is recorded as saying “your faith has made you well” three times in the Gospels. One is in the story of Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, that we read on Sunday. Another is in the story of the ten lepers, where only one returns to give thanks for being healed. The third is in Mark 5:25-34 where we find a woman who has been suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years, making her ceremonially unclean, and has spent all she has on finding a cure. She pushes her way through the crowd, believing that if she just touches the hem of Jesus’ robe, she will be healed. As she reaches out, Jesus stops to see who touched Him. She approaches Him in great fear, falling down at his feet, and begins to tell her story.

 Imagine the things going through her mind. Women in this culture were not to be so bold as to push their way through any crowd, but this woman is considered unclean. Now she has made all those in the crowd unclean as well, including Jesus Himself! Now, Jesus has publicly called her out. Perhaps He’s going to reprimand her. Perhaps He’s going to shame her. Perhaps He’s going to put her in her place. But no, Jesus allows her to give her testimony, and then proclaims that her faith has made her well, ignoring the concerns that those in the crowd would no doubt have been expressing.

 But the Gospels are written very strategically, and very intentionally. Surrounding this story is the story of a synagogue leader, Jairus, whose 12-year-old daughter is near death, and then dies. We hear the first part of this story, then we hear the story of the woman with the issue of hemorrhages, then we hear the conclusion to the story of Jairus’ daughter. Why would Mark do this? Come find out on Sunday!


The next step in the process is for YOU to attend a Congregational Workshop on Saturday, April 24th from 9 am-noon. This will be led by the Church Transformation and Development staff from the Conference Office and will be a time for you to hear what has already been discussed, and share your thoughts on where we are as a church, and where we might go from here. This isn’t the only opportunity you’ll have, but I encourage you to attend if at all possible.
Join us each Sunday in person or online at either 9am (traditional) or 11:15am (contemporary).  We will also have BOTH services streaming live. 

You can click on the link below:
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